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Date: July 1st 1915
Mrs. Andrew Gray

July 1st 1915

Dear Mrs. Gray –

I am extremely glad and relieved to learn from mother that Jack is out of danger and that they have managed to save his arm. Poor chap he has had a hard fight for it.

I found Herbie’s grave today and have planted a rose bush on it and will plant another tomorrow. He is buried in the churchyard of the large church they call “St. Pierre et St. Paul.” He lies beside seven officers of the 1st Hauts Regiment. His grave is the 8th on the right. From the shrine (which stands in the yard) as you go down the path to the shrine it is on the side of the path. The grave is well marked and at the time he was buried was made to look nice by raised sods. There is a little pine tree (of which I send you a spray for his people) close to the head of the grave and roses grow in profusion a little further back. (I am sending you one of these for his people.) I went to see the curé tonight and he gave me his address so that Herbie’s family might it is possible if they so wished have any improvements they would like to have made done, through him. The curé appears a very courteous man. Armentieres is a large town and only 3 miles distant and there are facilities for that kind of [?] there. I was unable to see the village priest who buried Herbie as he is not here just a present but he may return before we leave. We are not allowed cameras so that I cannot take a picture of the grave but I may be able to find someone in the battery who can sketch it. I will certainly try.

The cross at the head of his grave reads, [included here in the letter is a drawing of the headstone with the inscription:]
Lieut. H.B. Boggs
7th Battalion
Killed in Action Feb. 26 1915
1st B.C. Regt

The church has been very heavily shelled by the Germans but the graveyard is unscathed. The surrounding country is particularly beautiful being hilly and heavily wooded. The village itself has suffered heavy bombardment. This is Belgium. You cross the frontiers on the road to Armentieres which lies in France.

I thought it better to give these particulars to you and you can give them to Herbies people if they have not already had them.

Gwyn wrote me to say that Captain Harvey who had been so fine had died of wounds a prisoner of war.

I noticed the name of Arthurs regiment, the 20th Deccan Horse in the list of recommendations for gallantry.

I hope Jack’s recovery is quick I am awfully relieved to know he has the better of the fight now. My best love to you and best wishes to Mr. Gray, Betty, Jim and Robin.

I remain
Yours, very sincerely

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