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Date: November 20th 1914
Herbert Boggs
Madeline Ansell

45 Portswood Road
November 20th

My dear Cousin Herbert

I have just heard from my Cousin Ethel Brenton in London, they had a visit from you and your friends for a short time and seem as charmed with you as with your brother – I hope you did not go to see us at Norwood as you see I am staying with my friend Mrs. Kinsey an old girl friend of my Halifax days – when your father was a kiddie. I cant say how long I shall be here but if you can get a day or part of one off from duty cant you come over and see me here – it is not far from Southampton Salisbury, and can see interesting old Places, a Bar Gate built in 1066 and also a well planted town and a taxi from one Station with a change with another will find you down at this house corner of Spring Road Portswood in 20 minutes Mrs. Kinsey has known all your friends in Halifax and will welcome you at warmly and I shall It is fine in all you Canadians coming over to help old England and very good tis your parents to and have both their sons for the Army. Not 10 days ago I sent a P.C. to your Father at B.C. asking if Arthurs Lancers were with the Expeditionary Force at the Front and if so could I send him any thing he is a dear fellow and he is much liked by men and women.

Hoping to have a line from you and see you

Your Sincere Cousin
Madeline Ansell

Remember me to the Father in writing

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