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Date: July 18th 1918

18 . 7 . 18
My darling girl

Your letter of no date, also Eric's, Annie Mitchel's [sic], & Mrs Ridleys to hand OK, also the parcel contents of which were excellent, am sending some of the cake to my brother officers in the line, they always enjoy it. Well sweetheart your little lecture about my sore head was alright, still it only goes to show how much I think of you all, & no doubt you'll also think its a darn sight better than indifference, of course dear I know you never get like a bear, that's why we've got on together so well, you certainly have a sweet temper & that's not laying it on either. Am delighted to hear of Dr Trubshaw's report re Eric's hair all the same the cure was nearly as bad as the decease [sic]. Mrs Ridley's & Annie's letter were very interesting, Mrs Ridley certainly writes a nice letter, & of course Annie Mitchel [sic] is a trump.

I hope you have a good time when you and the kiddies go to Rhyl. I suppose you will be going very soon now.

Well dearest have no news just now, & of course I must answer Eric's letter or I suppose there will be trouble.
Fondest love to you & bairns.

Your loving,


P.S. When you have a few pennies to spare you might get me a pipe.