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Date: January 19th 1916

[Note: The first page or pages of the letter are missing. The date of the letter is uncertain but appears to have been written in-between Harold Dean’s other letters of January 18th and 21st, 1916. It has been posted here under the most likely date of January 19th, 1916.]

Everybody on the train is happy. At almost every station they cheer us a little. At Winnipeg the Nurses gave us magazines and papers of all kinds also candies etc.

Altogether it has been a grand trip. We are just getting to the lakes now. The snow on one side of the track is drifted up to about 6 or 8 feet below the telegraph wires. All the way across the prairies there was about two feet. The prairies were tiresome to look at as there were hardly any cattle or horse in sight nothing but snow for miles and miles I suppose when we get to the lakes it will be nothing but ice. It is not extra cold in most of the places we have been in. In the mountains at Revelstoke was the coldest but that was at night. I guess the next coldest was Winnipeg last night. Well I will write again pretty soon I dont know from where yet. Since we came on this morning from Winnipeg we are just the same as in barracks, we have to roll our blankets etc and do some work.

So far I have felt fine. I have not felt sick or anything in the least. I sleep just the same as at home and dont know anything till morning.

Well good bye for a while

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Original Scans