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Date: July 25th 1944
Eira Williams
Margaret Chesney

Cornwallis N.S.
July 25th 1944

Dear Eira :

Received your letter written from Kenosee Lake and you did have me fooled for a few minutes as couldn’t guess who would be writing me from there. So glad you had a nice holiday, but sorry it had to rain so much, you seem to be getting a lot of it this year. This American Doctor and you fishing seemed quite interesting! I can just see you and the old fellow playing crib and drinking whiskey!

The weather down here had been very hot and little rain, in fact we need rain as the water shortage is becoming very acute, and there are also numerous forest fires. We surely welcome all the sun after all the rain we had in the spring and winter. The cherries are all ripe and it’s wonderful to just walk along the road a pick big black Cherries and also raspberries and Strawberries.

I expected to get my leave around the beginning of next month but it will be much later now as difficulties came up in the office. One of our Wrens went on leave and went into the hospital and got 3 weeks convalescent so that sort of put things on the rocks, our other Wren got a compassionate draft. Our Chief went on leave the other day and when he comes back the 2 stokers have to go, as the there’s is well over due, so I will be lucky if I get mine in September. I would like to get home tho’ while the weather is nice and while Dad still has a little gas!

I haven’t seen Alex Edwards for ages so I’m sure he has been drafted.

I was sorry to hear about Phil Moore, do hope she is better. I should write Myrtle as have owed her a letter for months. Just can’t seem to settle down to writing in the summer. Say Hello to Faith when you see her. Does she bother you as much as Ever! I still can’t get over Gladys getting Lloyd. How the heck did she do it? and what’s she doing still working?

Did you know Alan is now in Calgary. Altho’ is close to home hasn’t been able even to get home for a weekend. He hasn’t been home since January. Mom mentioned that he hoped to get a short leave soon. If he can’t get home when I get my leave I will go to Calgary for a day. The last letter from Lorne he was in very high spirits as received all Mom’s and Vera’s parcels since last October. Xmas parcels and everything. He said he got dozens of them, and everything kept wonderfully well. He had been to Rome for 12 hours and was thrilled and fascinated with the city. He said the beauty of the city was beyond description and if the people were English speaking would rather spend 7 days leave in Rome than in England.

I’m going to ask you to try and get me something – a rather personal article. Have they any girdles in Regina? I have tried everywhere around here to get one even Halifax and can’t. I didn’t know if Mother would be going to the city for a while so wondered if you would mind. You can get the best you can, gee, I don’t know what size, (waist about 27 ½.) Do what you can anyhow, Eira and I will send you a money order. Anything for this “Steno’s spread”!

What a terrific sun burn I got on Sunday. We went sailing and wore our shorts. Wilma, Ruth, Cec, another Gunner P.O. and a P.T.I. went sailing and what fun we had. We got a parcel the day before so it came in handy. We made sandwiches (egg and tomato and lettuce) cokes, 2 kinds of cookies, cheese and graham wafers. We went down to the Jetty at 12:30 with all our lunch and 2 sweater and a jacket each as thought it got very cold in the evening. When we got to the Jetty the boys had the boat rigged and after climbing down a few dozen steps managed to get into the boat. Well it was a perfect day, but not for sailing as there was such a very little breeze, so we had a “rowing good time”! It was fun tho’ and about 4 oclocked we ended up on an island about 5 Miles from the jetty. The boys anchored the boat to a rock a little way out and we carried all our things ashore for our picnic. We just finished our lunch and the boys looked, and discovered that our boat was nearly sitting on the rocks as the tide was going out faster all the time. We nearly had a fit. The fellows could just see themselves being derated, and we were to be back by Sundown. We pushed and tried everything to get the whaller off the rocks and the tide was going out faster. The tide didn’t come in again ‘till 10’oclock and we had visions of being marooned on the island ‘till then, however, one last effort did it, and by getting the oars under the boat we somehow managed to get it into the water. Were we ever happy! A little breeze got up and we managed to get back to the jetty in nice time around 8:30. We had a perfect day and so much fun as the boys are perfect screw-balls!

Have been doing a lot of bowling, swimming etc. Haven’t been going to as many shows as it’s been so warm but usually bowl a game and then go into the Restaurant or Canteen and have lunch. Six of us have been going out to-gether and have had a lot of fun. We got into the restaurant, put two tables together and the noise we make – it’s a wonder the M.P. hasn’t kicked us out. As you can see I have been going out with Cec. He, however, expects to get a draft the end of next month. I don’t think it is going to be to Sea tho’, but to take another course and Instruct again for a time.

[note written at the bottom of the page:] (will start on P.1 again as am running out of paper)

We have a Lieut in the office while the Chief is on leave. He is swell and it’s like heaven around the office without the Chief as he sure used to ride us. If we walked in ½ a minute after 8:15 we would get one heck of a blast. The 3 stokers in the office are swell kids and we get along fine. For about 2 weeks I was the only Wren in the office, and what a beating I took from them!

It’s nice Pat Richards is at “Queen” for a while. I don’t think I’m gone to the dogs, Eira. I take the odd cig with the kids in our Foc’stle, but never at the office or in public and have the average of maybe one cig in 3 or 4 days. As for drinking – the only time I ever tasted the stuff was that day at your place when the “gooney” English Airman was there. I have never so much as smelled the cork down here, but believe me you have plenty of opportunity to go on parties. And whenever you go aboard one of the Ships you have always the opportunity to have a tot of rum.

The C.C.F. certainly were victorious weren’t they? I can’t imagine Jean Mc. being anything but a good Liberal.

Becky is in Winnipeg so imagine is having a good time. She was a Guide Camp the 1st 2 weeks in July.

Mom sent me a huge cake yester-day. I got it at 5 o’clock and in about an hour it was gone. Everyone that was go past the cabin would call in. Sure was good while it lasted! About this time last year I got my call and was wondering just what it was going to be all about. A lot can happen in a year can’t it. Cec and I were just talking about it the other day. This time last year he was in Brazil.

Well, I’ve nearly written a book and you will be probably bored to tears so had better call it quits for now. Hope your Mom and Dad are well. Is your Mother playing much bridge? Write soon eh, and I hope to be seeing you in about another 6 weeks or so.


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