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Date: October 6th 1944
Eira Williams
Margaret Chesney

Cornwallis, N.S.
6 - 10 - 44

Dear Eira :

This is just a note to ask you to do another little bit of running around for me. First I will tell you, much as I hate to do it, I got a draft to Nfld. Isn’t that the grimest thing yet? It was the greatest shock of my life! Four of us are going from here and have to be in Halifax on the 25th. The grimest thought of all is that Cec is over there now but is coming back here in 3 weeks or a month.

What I want you to do for me is try and get me a couple of pr. of black bloomers, the last ones I got in Williams and were a dollar, however, if they haven’t got them in Williams now, may have them at the Belgium. Wonder if you could also locate me a couple of pair of over pants, (they say Newfie is a damn cold place!) Could to try and get blue, either Air Force or Navy it doesn’t matter and if you can’t you could just get me a couple of pair of snuggies. I think you better get a med. to allow for shrinkage. I hope this money enclosed is enough. Let me know if it isn’t. Hope this isn’t asking too much, Eira, but thought you might get it easier than Mother.

Have been having a grim time at the Dentist the past couple of day. Have a Wisdom tooth to come out and he can’t get it to freeze. Next week have to go to the Hospital and have a Local Anesthetic and have it out. More darn fun!

Have to be in Halifax on the 25th so will be here for a while yet. We will probably be around Halifax for a few days waiting for transportation, but didn’t want to leave all my shopping till then incase we went sent out immediately. The last bunch that went over it took 5 days. There was a very large Convoy and went an indirect route. I’ll have lots of time to get Sea Sick won’t I?

Well, am writing this at the office so really must go now. Will try and write again before I leave, but in case something happens that I don’t I think my new address will be just
     c/o F.M.O.
     H.M.C.S. “Avalon”
     St. John’s
However will be here till the 25th. Thanks a lot, Eira.

Lots of Love

[postscript written in bottom corner with tiny drawing of arrow: “over”]

[continues on back of final page] Will enclose the money order tomorrow. Just received word Lorne has been wounded in Italy and don’t feel like going to the P. Office. Just can’t write any more now


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