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Date: December 4th 1944
Eira Williams
Margaret Chesney

R.C.N. Barracks,
Blk. 26,
c/o F.M.O.
St. John’s
4 – 12 – 44.

Dear Eira:

This is just a note Eira as will write a letter later on. I am enclosing $5.00 and wondered if you would have some flowers sent home to Mom and Dad for Christmas. If you could have them sent down on the Sat. night before Christmas think it would be the best. I don’t know what to suggest you get but you will probably know better than me what you can get. You always did have very good judgement about such things anyhow. It seems to me I am always asking you to do something for me.

I have a picture for you but doubt very much if you will get it for Christmas. Have been going to get it off to you for about a week now, but still haven’t found the F.M.O. where you post parcels, think it’s down in the Dockyard. However, hope to get it off this week. I am sorry we can’t send something out of here ‘cause you can really get some nice things altho’ they are a very high price.

Well, Eira, have to close now and get back to work. Thanks so much for everything. Will be writing


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