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Date: December 28th 1944
Eira Williams
Margaret Chesney

R.C.N. Barracks,
Block 26
c/o F.M.O.
St. John’s, Nfld.
28 - 12 - 44.

Dear Eira :

Well, here it is the 28th Christmas over, and everyone trying to get down to the grind again, or as it is here, trying to get rested up to start all over again for New Years.

I had a letter from home yesterday and Mom and Dad received the flowers and said they were lovely. Thanks so much Eira for ordering them for me. Received your parcel a few days before Christmas, gee it was really wonderful. The cake and short bread super. Gave Cec a piece of your cake and he was all for getting your address. I need not say anything about the Nuts, you knowing how much I like them. Remember how it used to nearly kill us to walk past the “nut House”. Thank your Mother so much for the jelly, it was lovely, and really is super for our snacks as we have so many of them as the food in the Mess is sometimes anything but appetizing. The black panties were grand too. Really Eira, you shouldn’t have gone to all that trouble, you had everything packed so well too.

Well, how did you spend Christmas? Stayed sober I hope! I had quite a nice time, quiet but fun. We had dinner at noon in the Mess Hall, it was decorated nicely, everyone had Christmas Crackers, beer was served to all the men so you can imagine it was a very gay place. We had turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas cake and plum pudding, grapes, apples, oranges, candy. The turkey was grand and such huge servings. It goes to show they can prepare nice meals it they desire. Really, Eira, I never saw so much beer on tables in all my life! The boys were really enjoying it too. In the afternoon Cec and I went to a show and then he took me to his office to see the Christmas tree. We then met another couple, had another dinner and then went back to the office where a bunch of us were going to meet to go to a dance. Of course the boys had tons of liquid refreshments, but Cec and I were Bar Tenders, am still a tee tottler. We went to a formal, more darn fun. Eira, we really got a bang out of all the gowns. Talk about being out of style. Newfie sure is about 20 years behind time! I had Christmas off so will have to work New Years.

I got my parcels from home, one a few days before Christmas and 2 Xmas morning. There was about everything you could think of in them. I really did very well this year. Alan sent me 2 pr. of silk stockings, Vera a make up set, tons of writing paper, oh, I won’t bother to mention everything. Cec gave me a very beautiful bracelet, can’t describe it very well, it’s unlike anything I have seen, gold, and in the centre a heart, it’s really beautiful.

This was my afternoon off as was on duty last night so slept most the afternoon. We have no hot water in the Blk. something went wrong with the “doins” so haven’t had any hot water for about 5 days so this afternoon went over to the other block and washed my hair and had a bath. It’s really grim. The weather is really horrible, not so cold but the wind awful and the streets just a mass of ice, and with so many hills, and I do mean hills, it is very difficult walking. There are more people going around here with arms and legs in casts than enough.

There is a big party aboard one of the ships tonite so it’s quiet around the block tonite.

Had a letter from Dad tonite telling me about Christmas. Alan didn’t get home but gets New Years leave. Vera was down. Dad said they were pretty lonely, but were glad to have Vera with them. Alan phoned them and they got my wire and two letters so they seemed very pleased.

I saw Alex Edwards Sunday at Church and was speaking to him for a few minutes. Quite a while ago when I was speaking to him he told me to give you his regards and think I forgot.

Another draft of Wrens arrived, the poor kids, I guess the spent Christmas a sea.

Well, Eira, think I had better close as want to write one more letter tonite. Thanks again for the lovely parcel. Write when you have time and give me all the news.

Lots of Love

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