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Date: July 23rd 1946
Eira Williams
Margaret Chesney

[letterhead of: “Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper National Park, Alberta”]

July 23rd /46.

Dear Eira :

Suppose the holidays will soon be over. Don’t forget to write and tell me all about them. Thanks for your nice long letter should have written sooner but am really busy so am afraid this letter is going to be brief too.

Before I forget – about the hose situation. I thought if you could get me a few pair so it wouldn’t be such a struggle when I come home. Just when ever you happened to see some in. Two or three pair would be a great start. In Nylon S.10 but in silk 9½ - O.K. Thanks. There is no need to send them as haven’t had stockings on since arriving. Will settle finances with you later or if you can get them let me know price and I will send it on.

My reason for being so busy is that I am doing a little Steno work in my time off for one of the guests. He is head of the Westinghouse Electric Corp. of Pittsburgh, Pa. He asked the girl who did his cabin if she could find him anyone to do a little work for him. None of the gals wanted to tackle it so I decided to have it thinking it would be a letter or two. Went over the first nite and took about 10 letters. Then he informed me that we would start on a lengthy report. So, Saturday being my day off went over at 9:20 and took dictation until noon. Spent the rest of the day transcribing. The report was: Mr. Robertson was instructed by Gen. Groves to be a civilian observer at the Atomic Bomb Test in Bikini and he was writing a very detailed account of his trip from the time he left Washington – the actual test – opinion of the result etc. The work is most interesting and have enjoyed it so much. His description of Hawaii was most interesting, so you can see my hours after ‘Chambermaiding” have been kept busy – (Hope I’ll get a nice tip!!) Have just packed up my work for tonite and decided best I write you a quickie before going to bed. Think I will pack this up about the last week in August.

We had a terrific amount of rain – they say more than the last five years put to-gether.

Really must pack this up Eira. Will try and write more next time. Be good eh and don’t work too hard.

Lots of Love

Hope you will be able to read this.

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