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Date: May 27th 1916
Mother, Dad, Brothers, Sisters and Friends
Harold Dean

Base Camp B.E.A.

May 27/16

Dear Mother, Dad, Brothers, Sisters and Friends.

It dont seem much use of writing this letter today as there is no important news or in fact any news to put in it. I havent got any letters or parcels since I wrote you last answering the first mail I rec’d.

I answered everybody’s letters except Aunt Dell’s Reita’s and Rollie’s which I expect to answer in a few days. I wrote the other ones on Monday and Tuesday the 15 and 16 but on Wednesday I was not feeling very well. I went up to the doctors orderly room and told one of the helpers I wasn’t feeling well. He took my temperature and told me I would have to stay there and go to bed. The next morning the doctor came in to see me and sent me to the hospital saying I had a light attack of Malaria Fever. For six days they fed me on milk and tea and medicine. After that they put me on a chicken diet with bread and butter, custards etc which are certainly nice. I am still on diet but expect to get out in three or four days. I am up every day now and go outside for a walk two or three times a day. Except for a kind of weak feeling when I stay out too long I am all well again.

The rest of the boys, our heavy drivers are settled here in connection with a base workshop and I expect to join them when I get out. I dont mind staying here for a month or two as it is the nicest climate around this part of the country.

I havent anything else to say this trip as the news is scarce. When I get discharged here and get to work I will get down town and see some of the sights and perhaps then will be able to send some cards.

I am enclosing some snap shots taken at the tent the day I went into the hospital. When I get down town I am going to have a picture taken and will send you some. These snaps are not good but are all I have so will have to try and procure some good ones. There doesnt seem to be enough light on the faces because the day light here is very deceiving for photography work

I have made a few remarks on the back of photos which I guess will explain them

Well I guess I will close hoping you are all well and happy


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Original Scans