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Date: April 1st 1917
Harold Dean

April 1st 1917

Dear Mother

Well this is Sunday and another month has begun. I am not out on the road today so I will go down to C. of E. Service this morning. At four pm I am booked for driving the Minister in a five passenger Ford so I will be good today for a change. We are in the rainy season now proper and it rained all day yesterday and last night. This morning however broke clear and fair and the sun is shining in all it power. The ground is dry already and you would not know it had rained around the camp. Around the swamps however everything is flooded and the roads all washed away.

There is hardly any transport in the motor line working at present as most of the transport is being done by boats on the river but by the prospects now the motors will be going again in May or June. Things have been going fairly well with me lately and I feel a bit rested at present as I have not been on regular supply column for nearly a month. I am feeling well and under the circumstances am quite happy. I will not regret though when we get a change and move to some other front.

I have no news except that the spell has been broken and I got two letters one from you dated Christmas Day and one from Charlotte dated Jan. 3rd. I see Slim is getting quite educated now. Well I hope the kid will learn as easy as I did but make him study harder near the finish of his education. Tell Dad I will write him a letter but he wont get much as I am at a loss as to what to write

Well I will close for now with lots of love to all

Your loving son

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