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Date: April 12th 1917
Harold Dean

April 12 1917

Dear Dad:

In a letter I received yesterday from Mother she said you were waiting for an answer to your letter of Sept 17th. I am glad to hear of your victory in the elections in more ways than one and as I have read in the papers I got recently Honest John is at it again in the house. I suppose Mr. Lusby is some body now again and the fact of him having a new car must be that he expects a pick up in business some way or other. No doubt by the time we arrive home there will be some good jobs floating around in all kinds of employment. In fact I guess for me the best thing would be the Hardware business again as I have spent some time at it already. By the way I might add right here that I have a good soft job at present. I am driving for a Captain our O.C., am stationed here in a base camp and have practically nothing to do as he drives his own car nearly all the time. I can draw money every month and buy nearly everything you could mention at the Y.M.C.A here. I dont like to spend all I am getting but when you can get extras as butter, cheese, tinned fruits, biscuits, tinned fish etc it is a pleasant change from the old routine of food.  We have an eight foot bell tent for two of us equipped with stretcher beds and a black boy to cook for us so you see I am not so bad off as I used to be on track with the column I have plenty of money to draw on at present and if all goes well I will send about $100. home near the first of next month. If you need any of the money just take it Dad as I know you must get pinched for it at times.

By the enclosed cutting in Mother’s letter I see where some of our distant relatives (Vic Holder) are making names for themselves. Well I haven’t had a chance yet for a D.C.M. or anything in that line but I might say with truth the Canadians in general here have a good name for work, that is why I have my present soft job.

I feel sorry to know that Mother dont get the mail regular because I write every week or ten days. As for myself the mail does not get me direct but travels around this country for a month or so before they get to me.

Well Dad I dont know of anything more to put down here so I will have to close for now with lots of love to all.


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