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Date: May 22nd 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
May 22, 1917.

My Dear Mother:

Another week has flown and I am a day late with this letter. I have been watching for another letter from you but I have had no luck this week. Last week I managed to write five letters in answer to the mail of 14th but this week I guess I will not write so many. I answered Aunt Ethels letter. Clara’s letter and also I wrote a note to Jessie on the strength of the second girl Ruth

We have had some fine weather this last week, not a drop of rain and cloudless hot days. We have had a breeze almost every day so that makes a fellow feel a bit cooler any way.

I have not had any films for my camera for nearly twelve months now but I am enclosing a snap taken by one of our bunch This is not a good snap because it was taken near mid day and the sun is directly overhead. A fellow cannot do without the helmet so must have a shaded face. The other monkey in the picture is a pet of one of the Toronto boys. You can get a glimpse of my costume here by the photo shirt, short pants and puttees leaving the knees bare. It is a good cool rig-out in fact would be a good beach costume at home but I am afraid very conspicuous.

I suppose by the time you get this letter holiday time will be going strong but with less young men than ever. Perhaps by the next summer though there will be a change, I hope so anyway.

There is no news to put in this letter Mother so I will have to close. I am in the best of health and hope you all are the same. Well Bye Bye with lots of love to all


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