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Date: June 1st 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
June ?? 1st Monday.

Dear Mother:-

Another week has gone and I can not say “no mail” but I can say no late mail. Two days ago I got four letters which have been hiding some where for awhile in fact one was dated seven months ago Nov. 5, this was one of your letters with enclosure from Roberta, the next Nov 11th from Mary then Dec 3rd from you and Jan 7th from you. These four letters fill up the long wait I had in Feb and March It did seem funny to receive Xmas greetings but they are good if they are late. In these letters you speak of not receiving any mail from me but a letter I got last month told me the spell had been broken and the letters showed up again.

Mary’s letter of Nov 11th is a fine long newsy one, she is getting to be a good one at letter writing since I left home especially. She has a letter full of news, school troubles, Hudson and Kelly troubles and others which I like to read. She gives a good detail of the story too so there is nothing to solve out.

There dont seem to be any questions to answer in these letters, I suppose if there were I wouldn’t answer them anyway. Isn’t that the way it usually appeals to you

The weather is great down here now. Last night it was a full moon and was light as day all night. We get very heavy dews and it is pretty chilly here at night after the hot day. I suppose a person with Canadian blood in their veins would think it a good warm night without blankets but after so much heat in this country we use two over us and then feel chilly. I guess my blood is very thin now and if I landed home in winter I would freeze to death.

“Pop” Gleeson and all the other boys are still kicking around here. I see them every day although I am not in the same camp we are only two or three hundred yards apart.

Some of the other companies got English mail today I expect ours will be along tomorrow.

Well Mother dear I am in the best of health and hoping every one at home is the same I will close for now with lots of love to all

Your loving son

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Original Scans