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Date: July 12th 1917
Harold Dean

German East
July 12th 1917

Dear Mother

A day or two late this week but I guess it can be overlooked if I get to work again on time next week. In one way I was glad I waited as yesterday brought a couple of letters from you, one old one of Dec 18th and the other a fresh one April 15th which had a letter from Dad as an enclosure The first one was written before Christmas and had a letter from Mary and a Christmas Card enclosed. Inside the Christmas card was a very small snap of some girl with a violin but I cannot figure out who the girl is so I dont know whether the picture was intended for me or not as no mention of it was made in the letter.

The April 15th letter of yours was a nice long one also that three page one from Dad. I will have to get busy and answer his separately, in the meantime thank him for me and tell him I’ll try and make a break in a few days. Dad mentioned that the new Gov’t had not exerted itself much lets hope it will soon get busy. I am glad to hear that times are as good as can be expected under conditions prevailing.

In your letter you are worrying about those two pairs of socks and other things in the parcels, I am sure I have already written you that I have received them in good order. Didn’t Clara ever get any letters from me. I am sure I replied to one letter anyway if not two. At any rate give Clara my special regards and thank her for past favors If I had a nut bar I would send her one. As things are now here though the girls, I know some of them, usually do the entertaining and treating. Well Mother dear I dont know of anything else to put in this letter I am in good health and hope this finds you all the same. I will say Bye Bye for this time with love to all

Your son

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