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Date: July 20th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
July 20 1917

Dear Mother:-

Just another little note to let you know I am still here. Although I have not had any mail since my last letter I am still living in hopes for one this week. The mail service is getting better here now and I should get mail a couple of days after arrival in the country as I am at our base headquarters for the company. I am still on the job of driving the O.C. and have had a good easy job for the past three and a half months. We are living good and I very seldom work late at night so you see I should be feeling good. Just imagine me if you can going to bed at 8 or 8.30 and getting 10 to 12 hours of sound sleep every day. Quite a change from the old home life eh Mother

I am not altogether away from civilization as you suppose as I get a job several times a week of driving four or five ladies around in the car for the afternoon. These are the nurses from the hospital here.

I am keeping fine and fit now as are the other Canadian boys here. We expect to be all drawn together to work on a big convoy in a week or two. Gleeson is still here large as life but he dont seem to get much more mail than I do in the letter line but he sure gets a few parcels. Of course the rest of us all stick around when any one gets a Canadian parcel. That watch I told you about buying a month or so ago is still keeping good time so I suppose I have had my moneys worth for an Ingersoll.

I havent got that letter written to Dad yet but tell him I still have him in mind.

As this is nearing the end of July I suppose camping is in full swing and the beach is covered with girls and small boys but few larger ones. Mary has a birthday sometime this month hasn’t she? “Well many happy returns of the day sis” although I will be a bit late I suppose. Well Dear Mother I must close for now hoping you are all well I send lots of love to all

Your loving son

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