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Date: August 4th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
August 4 1917.

Dear Mother

Today we enter on the fourth year of this terrible war and still it goes on. I am still down here on the old job and I expect to be for awhile yet. I have been lucky this week, for a change though as I received seven letters and two bundles of papers. The papers are all right with the clippings attached, there is no need of sending daily at all.

I had three letters from you under dates of Apr 22nd May 6-13th and May 20th, from Mary May 11th and Apr 30th one of which had Miss Hosker’s letter enclosed. I had a letter from Alec Wadsworth dated May 19th and a couple from up country so I did not do too bad after all. These letters call for three parcels but they have not put in appearance as yet.

There does not seem to be any questions to answer in your letters but they are full of news such as Arthur Newman’s wedding etc. A good scheme that of getting married instead of doing a little to help the rest of us. I dont exactly see how anyone can stick around as civilians now-adays. I would like to see some sort of conscription for some of those kind of fellows.

As for saluting Capt. Gilley I would not mind getting the chance but I dont suppose I will for awhile anyway. Glad to hear your chickens and garden are going on good. I might be home for a meal some time or other As for that new street, boulevard etc I’ll take a chance on finding the house in the middle of the night if they let me.

We are still getting good weather here and oh such swell nights, I am keeping my health all right. Hope you at home are the same As I have no news I had better close for this time so Bye Bye with lots of love to all

Your loving son

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