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Date: September 2nd 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
September 2nd 1917

Dear Mother:

Another week has gone and also a new month began yesterday. Time goes so fast a person hardly realizes it. Today Sunday was a change for me as I got two parcels of papers, two parcels of socks, cake, etc and letters from you, Mary and Roberta of May 31st June 4th 11th and 18th and a letter from Aunt Em Maxwell under date of June 19th so you see I am a fairly lucky boy.

The parcels were in good condition and those sox with H.D on them are fine. I notice good thick heels in them and I may say I have never darned a pair of sox yet and have every pair of home made ones even the two pair I had on leaving Vancouver. Six pair of home made sox in all.

One parcel of papers were old dated March and the others were new dated June containing carnival news etc. Must be having some celebrations around the old town now and again.

In your letter dated May 27th you asked me about the paper clippings getting here. I never get my letters opened so everything inside arrives O.K.

I am glad to hear Mary, Charlotte and Roberta are getting on in school of course Slim and Obbie will not as I suppose they are like me and dont study You mention Aunt Jennie being down town for awhile I suppose they are all well at Silverdale, as you mentioned Grandpa’s blood poisoning I suppose he is the only one sick

I am glad to hear of Dad getting that job at the shipyards at the stated wages as no doubt things are hard to keep together under the present circumstances.

Aunt Emma wrote a nice newsy letter part from the beach and part from home. Her face is still sore I suppose as she said she had one eye shut for repairs.

Well Mother dear I guess there is no more to write about. I will write Alec Wadsworth another letter but in case he don’t get it tell him I have written four times and I dont know where they got to.

I am in good health now Mother so dont worry about me. Hoping you are all well at home I will say Bye Bye With lots of love to all.

Your loving son

[postscript added to top of first page:]
P.S. Glad to know Rob and Roy are getting on. I sure would like to see them. Har.

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