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Date: September 15th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
September 15 1917.

Dear Mother

Here we are again and I have something to write for as two letters dropped in yesterday from you one of June 28 and one of July 1st with Mary’s of July 2 written at “The Beach” According to these two letters things seem to be getting along in the old burg. School had just finished according to your time of writing but now when I read it school has been going strong for a week or so

The weather here is plenty warm enough for camping now although we get rain every day or two. The days are getting hotter though all the time. It must have been a great shock to you when Dad got rid of his old wagon and harness repairs. I can’t imagine exactly what the old barn would look like and as for Dad what does he do in his spare time. As far as an auto is concerned I dont know what I would do without one now. I am getting so I can’t walk at all. And what would I do in spare time at home if I wasn’t tinkering at one. I have had our five passenger touring car all to pieces last week just got it back together yesterday.

I wondered as I read yours and Mary’s letters of July 1st just what the old beach looked like this past two summers. I will be quite a stranger there I suppose if I dont get home before next summer. Well I hope I do and I hope all the rest of the boys are home as well.

You did not mention having a house or any thing down there so I suppose you are not going to camp for all summer.

Mary’s letter was full of news about the boys and girls. She said she was going to Normal this year I suppose that means is going by now. My how the time does fly.

Well Mother dear I will have to close for this time and don’t worry about the climate or my health as it has been fairly good so far. Give my love to all who wants some and remind me to my friends. Bye Bye with lots of love


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