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Date: October 7th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
October 7th 1917

Dear Mother:

Another Sunday is here and although a mail has been in the country a week I have not got any yet on account of shifting camp last Monday the first time for six months. I left word with the Post Corporal to forward my mail but it has not arrived as yet.

We have had nice dry weather this past week and of course it is getting hotter every day now. The short rainy season should start any time now but I guess it has been postponed for awhile. It should be anyway as the last rainy season was the heaviest for a long time around this part of the country.

The camp here is situated on a sandy plain and as there is always a breeze blowing we have sand in and on everything even the food. The mornings here are quite cold, owing to the height above sea level, the same as spring morning at home and it freshens a person to have a cold water wash outside when the wind is blowing around six a.m.

We have just received some Canadian comforts here including a gramophone so we can have a little noise now and again.

The war out here seems to be drawing to a close but it is hard to say how long yet we will be here although it is nineteen months now since we left England guess by the time we get away two years will be up anyway.

Well Mother dear I must close for want of something to say. I am in good health at present and hope all at home are the same. So Bye Bye with lots of love to all

Your loving son

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