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Date: October 20th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
October 20/17

Dear Mother

Although I am nowhere near camp today I borrowed this paper and envelope as I thought it was time I made my mark again.

Ill change pencils anyways. This past week has been a good one for me as I have received eight letters the contents of the last two mails in this country. I have two from you dates July 16 and 23 three from Mary dates July 11, 23rd and 19th with enclosure of Miss Hasker’s, one from Clara written in Toronto July 16 and one from Jessie date Holderville on July 19. The other was from Ruth in July.

All letters seemed to contain good news that is there was no bad news except that Charlotte had failed in the exams. Mary I am glad to hear did well although there was no use fainting about it. Tell her I wouldn’t take that trouble, even if I got my discharge or if the war should finish very abruptly.

Well I dont know just how many relatives have been attached since I left home but I must say things are still alive on the coast anyway. Also Jessie said her youngster Ruth was one of the best on the continent. I suppose that in their own minds Alec’s and Florence’s boys are pretty nice stuff eh. Well good luck to them all from me. By the time the war is over and I get home I will have a dozen or more to pass opinion on.

I was quite surprised to get a letter from Jessie I might tell you and as she was so nice about it I had better answer it as soon as I get back to camp. I had better write again to Clara as well or else she might think I have forgotten her. I suppose she has returned ere now so thank her for me in the meantime.

The idea of six of my letters reaching the coast in one mail amuses me. I had forgotten I ever got that busy over correspondence. I suppose it will happen again before you get this as I had a clear up a month or six weeks ago.

Well Mother I had better close and have a little sleep as I only got here at 2.15 am and was up again at six I missed some sleep last night. I am feeling good and hoping you are all well at home I close with lots of love to all.

Your loving son

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