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Date: November 20th 1917
Harold Dean

German East Africa
November 20/1917

Dear Mother:

Another few lines to let you know I am still in the tropical climate and able to do a turn as well. Although the rainy season is supposed to be here we are having lovely weather here.  The sun has been shining in all its warmth every day except two and we had sunshine and showers both that day. The transport is quite busy now as we are doing all work possible before the big hang up from February till May or June. I hope we do not have to spend that season out here and as things are going now it is quite possible we get moved before then but we cant rely on anything until it comes off

As I say I wont believe were leaving this country until I see the last of its shores in the distance. I had a few days in hospital again but feel O.K. now. We dont stay in hospital long down here but we seem to visit it quite often. Health in general though is good with all the boys as well as myself. I dont know how we would keep warm in Canada just now though if we were sent there by any chance.

Things are very bright out here at the front and good news keeps coming in every day. I would not be surprised to hear of the finish any time now and it would be a good thing as transportation and maneuvering is so difficult in this country. The lorries or trucks cannot stand the country it is so rough and there are few good solid roads and I am sure the drivers can not do any better for sticking it than the cars. I have not had any mail since my letter of ten days or so ago but I expect we will get a mail again soon now. I suppose Xmas and New Years will be forgotten by the time this letter reaches you but we have not begun to think of it here yet except in our letters home. I suppose Xmas will be here though in another five weeks when I come to think of it

Well Mother I have not any news for you this time so I had better close with love to all my friends and relatives I say Bye Bye

Your loving son

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