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Date: January 21st 1918
Harold Dean

German East Africa
January 21/18

Dear Mother

This month will soon be gone and I can hardly realize I have been away over two years, yet I guess perhaps I have it the calendar is still correct. A couple of days ago a mail came up and I was lucky enough to get four letters, yours of Oct 14 and 21st among them as well as a letter from Reita. The parcel you mailed early was not in time for Xmas but is practically all eaten now also one I got from Mrs Johnston for the Meth. Church. Both were in good condition and the cakes were splendid. Mrs Johnston sent some nut bars, dates figs etc that were tasty also. The one thing that was handy for domestic purposes was the V.P.R lard pail she sent which sure looked natural It is a good thing to make tea in or to cover up food away from the flies.

Your parcel was in good condition and all there but those cracker tins dont hold together like a pail so try a lard pail next time. The parcels spoken of from Reita, Myrtle and Aunt Em have not put in appearance yet but here’s hoping.

So old Bob had to be put away at last. I am sorry for the old dog as I would like to see if he knew me after a short vacation trip like I am having. Every one seems to be all right at home so that’s the main thing I got those pictures Aunt Lottie sent also the booklet of photos from home Grandma must feel old now with a great grandchild to play with.

I will write a note of thanks to Mrs Johnson and thank her for that parcel but you tell her there is no apology coming. Even the Roman Catholic Canadians ate from that parcel and I told them it was Methodist grub. They said they would be Methodists if they got one as well.

I guess Mary is having some time at school now with her mountain climbs, dances and teaching not to mention other enjoyments of [?]. Well as long as she is successful good luck to her.

I dont know as you will be able to read this or not but just keep it, if you can’t and I will try when I get home.

Dad is still at work in the shipyards I see. I hope and pray he is enjoying good health and can stick it this winter.

I got the papers and funny papers all right, I still can have a laugh at them and so can the other fellows.

Well Mother dear I must close for now hoping you all are enjoying the best of health as I am I send lots of love

Your loving son

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