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Date: October 27th 1918
Harold Dean

Sunday Oct 27/18

[block letters added by someone at the top of the page:] DEAN

Dear Mother:-

Another week has gone by and I have had one letter from you and a bundle of papers. The letter was dated Sept 25 and I received it Wed Oct 23 just less than one month.

It certainly is sad about Frank and Ken Huggard and so many of the boys going under. The worst of the ordeal is yet to come for some of us. That will be when we get home and realize how many faces are missing. Although I get word of a lot of the boys getting killed I do not miss them here as I have not seen any of them for such a long time. When we get back to civil life again is when we will fully realize what a toll of our own friends, the war has taken. I feel rather sore at myself for not seeing Frank while we were both here in England but as things happened it was practically impossible.

Well Mother as far as socks are concerned I have plenty as I have five pair of home made with no holes in them. I dont need any more for a long time. Send a picture of everyone of you please One of you and Dad, one of the girls and one of the boys. I haven’t got any good pictures of my own family You and Dad go down town and get a small Post Card size picture taken and send one to me. Take the money from my a/c to pay for it. I dont believe you have even sent a snap of you and Dad since I left home.

I am glad to hear Mary likes her school up at Haney, she must be different from that nervous little sister I had a few years ago. It will do her good to knock around in the country a little with her H’english friends.

We are having a few days of pretty good weather now, although we get it cloudy and damp at night the sun manages to shine a little during the day.

I can hardly realize it is getting so near Xmas again. Only two months now. Last Xmas I was out in the wilderness but I have been better off since then. I am feeling pretty good now and can do a fair days work and not know about it. I guess the air in B.C. will soon put me right once I get back. Perhaps it is a little of that air I need.

Well Mother I will close for now and go get some tea. I was to Presby. Church in Y.M.C.A. this am. and expect to be there again this evening. Well Bye Bye Mother dear with lots of love to all.

Your loving son

P.S. Dont forget those pictures!

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