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Date: March 3rd 1919
Harold Dean

March 3/19

Dear Mother:-

Just a few lines to say I received yours of the Feb 2nd also Mary’s letter of same date with the a/c’s in it I tried to check them up but I cant get it just right somehow, I dont know why.

Now Mother I haven’t a lot of news but I should be away from England by the end of March. I am leaving Parkhurst tomorrow for Winchester camp where I will be for about three weeks anyway possibly more. After that time I should sail any day at all. Dont count too much on my date of arrival as I may easily be a week later. All depends on the sailings of the different boats. A big load of Canadians left Liverpool on Saturday. I suppose Rollie was on that boat if he did not get away before. A fellow in the engineers told me last week he saw him in Wales somewhere.

Very sad about Mr Walter Gilley’s death, I did not even know he had been ill. I guess West will be a changed place when I get back again. Dear me it will be a funny life again. There is nothing going on here. I have been well looked after by my friends for the past weeks and I sure feel very indebted to them. I shall have to bid them Good Bye as well now.

Well Mother this is short but perhaps in three weeks or so from time of reading it I will be able to talk for myself. Bye Bye for now with heaps of love to all

Your loving son

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