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Date: April 12th 1919
Harold Dean

Steadman St.
April 12. 1919.

Dear Mother:-

Yes I am a funny sort of a son to have wandering about the country but here I am nevertheless. I did not expect to do this trick but in following out your wishes I got tangled up in a visit here.

I sailed quite unexpectedly on Apr 2nd (SS. Scandanavia) from Liverpool, being let out of isolation a few days early in order to catch the boat. Had a very good trip over landing at St.John yesterday morning at 9 o’clock, April 11th.

I sent a note ashore by a man asking him to ring up Myrtle so she could come down and see me as we were not leaving until 6-15 at night. Myrtle told the gentleman to look up Miss Patterson who was a Red + Nurse on the docks. As I came walking off the boat about a half hour afterwards the man came up to me with Freda and that started things properly. Freda would not leave me until Mary (her mother) and Robert (Lieut.) her brother arrived on the scene. They were all on the jump and wanted me to go up to the house. Robert had just landed home the day before. He was an observer in the Flying Corps. Later on Myrtle came down and that put the cap on things. I went to the ticket office and got a stop over for a few days.

I stayed with Myrtle Friday night and Saturday Mary and I came up to Moncton She wanted to see her Mother and I wanted to see them all. I stayed here at Jessie’s and Mary went up to Surrey’s for the night. They are all a happy prosperous crowd around here Myrtle two kids, Jessie two and Surrey with the only one that ever happened. Well [?] has a fine big baby. I guess he takes after Surrey and her both. Also Mary P. has a grandchild as Helen is at home with a nine weeks old. Will is not home from France yet but he expects to be soon.

I sent a lettergram last night asking for cash. I am not broke but want to get a few things. I am in possession of a second class ticket home also twenty meal tickets, for ten dollars I can have a tourist sleeper so I should be well away for a good trip home. I will leave in a few days as soon as I see them all.

Everyone sends love from aunt Lizza down. She is getting a bit better all the time, expects to live with Surrey this summer and not go up river.

Well Mother I will ring off and talk some when I get there. I knew you would not be extra cross as this is a good chance of seeing some in this part of the world.

Bye Bye for now with loads of love from
Your loving son


[written on the back of the final page]
Roberta Dean
Division 5
330-7th Street
New Westminster

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