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Date: February 2nd 1918
George Reekie

Brandon Man
Feb. 2. 1918.

Dear Aunties.

I have changed my color since you last saw me and Ill bet I could walk in there some day and you couldnt guess who I was, I am getting fat in here I had a letter from home this week and they said you wanted my address and were going to write to me quite often. well that is just what I would like you to do. I havent much time to write but will try to answer any letters I get.

This certainly a sudent change from farming we never know ten minutes befor hand what is to happen next or what we are to do tomorrow. I have been here three weeks yesterday and I like it pretty good so far. they are getting more particular all the time and we have to watch pretty close or we get C.B. I suppose you know what that means Confined To Barracks. For any time up to twenty one days.

There are about five hundred of us here now, it is reported that about two hundred and fifty are to leave next week for some where maybe Winnipeg. there was two fifty left there last week across the pond.

One thing there is a lot of dissatisfied over is the pass system we cant get a pass at all to get home and some are afraid they wont get home before they are called to go.

They took a notion yesterday and isued seventy five passes out of our company but I wasn’t enockulated or vacinated Then and had to get it this morning. They only got from four oclock friday until monday night if I had got a pass I would only get sunday at home so if I am on the list for next week I am going to get the train at three oclock and I will get home on friday night.

I guess you will want to know how we spend the time so I will out line a days work for a soldier. Gets up a six shaves wash roll up his bed pollish his buttons and boots and get ready for breakfast at seven fifteen then get ready for parade at eight oclock in full dress. we walk about half a mile to the armory then we take of our overcoats and tunick putties and boots and put on a pair of light canvase shoes. for fisical drill for about an hour and a half Then put our boots putties and tunick on for squad drill for about an hour when we start for home again we just get in. in time for dinner at twelve then parade again at one thirty in full dress again when we go back to armary some times we take our rifles and sometimes not we drill for about an hour and put in the rest of the time listening to lectures on rifles or crimes and punishments or some other very important subjects. Until about half past four or till we just have time to get back home at five, supper is at five fifteen and after that we are free until ten thirty when we have got to be in for the night.

I was on guard one day last week two hours on and six of just walking up and down an eight pace strip in front of the door inside so you see it aint as bad as it might be for if we were out side there days I am afraid some of us would get froze it has been awfull cold for a week now and lots of snow we aint bothered much with the snow in here for we keep it pretty well tramped down.

The people of Brandon are good to us there is something going on nearly every night in one of the churches and we go in a lunch sometimes we have a good time and sometimes not so good.

I have come to the conclusion that I wont get very rich in the army for we only get one dollar and ten cents a day where it costs about one dollar and a half to get through on if I keep that up how long will it be before I can afford to get married on the strength of my job.

There is four more of the Lyelton boys in here with me and we dont get very lonesome eather one tells a jock on the other and we all laugh.
Well I will close this in time to get ready for supper. Write and give me all the news.

Pte. Geo A. Reekie 2129198
F. Company 1st Dept. Battalin
Brandon Man.

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