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[Note: likely sent enclosed with a letter but which letter is now unknown]

The Nurses Prayer

The world grows better year by year.
Because some nurse in her little sphere,
Put on her apron, grins and sings
And keeps on doing the same old thing;
Taking the temps, giving the pills
To remedy mankind’s numerous ills;
Feeding the baby, answering bells,
Being polite with a heart that rebels;
Longing for home and all the while
Wearing the old professional smile;
Blessing the new born babes first breath,
Closing the eyes that are still in death;
Taking the blame for the doctors mistakes
Oh! dear! What a lot of patience it takes
Going off duty at seven o’clock,
Tried discouraged just ready to drop;
But called back on “special” at seven fifteen
With a woe in her heart, but it must not be seen,
Morning and evening noon and night
Just doing it over hoping its right
When we lay down our caps and “Cross the bar”
Oh, Lord will you give us just one little star
To wear in our crown, with uniform new
In that great Ward above where the Head Nurse is You.

[written on back of page:] I think this is good. Got it out of the Nurses Annual. Thought you would like to hear it. It is so prefectly true isn’t it.

Original Scans

Original Scans