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Date: July 3rd 1942
Moo and Dusty
Richard and Barbara

105 Henderland Rd.,
High Westerton,

July 3 ‘42

Dear Moo & Dusty: --

Many happy returns on the first of August, Moo, and may you have all the best health, wealth & happiness. Once again, Moo, I'm sure sorry that I can't send you anything for your birthday, but as I've already told Phyl & Vern, I'll try & make it up to you, when this shindig' is over, and we can enjoy all the fruits of the earth once again.

We've already written & thanked you for the photograph; I think it's lovely of Janet & Susan, but it's not so hot of you, Moo, -- you're prettier than that. I understand that both Mother & Phyl agree with this viewpoint.

Carol is sure coming along now; a week ago she first started walking on her own; it's most amusing to watch her toddle across the floor, & then suddenly come down ‘plump' on her little bottom! -- She seem to derive great amusement & enjoyment from this performance; I admit it's well padded with nappies, but I certainly wouldn't like it for a steady diet -- I'm sure my bottom would be quite sore in a very short time.

The job still carries on & I do hope we can complete before the winter, as I dread another winter on the Clydeside; and both my honey & Carol would much rather be in the south: -- although I must admit Carol has certainly thrived up here.

What do you think of the war now -- we seem to be taking a licking in Libya or rather Egypt now. I sure hope we can hold those Jerry blighters -- what a smack to loose the Nile, & then the Suez -- God Forbid! The only good thing I can see about this war, is that it certainly has drawn the British & American peoples together -- I don't suppose we've ever been in closer co-operation and agreement than we are now; and I believe we all feel we're in the same boat & its the old slogan - ‘All for one & one for All' --

I would like to see your little Susan & needless to say I would love to see Janet once again; she was a lovely little girl as I remember: -- very calm & collected & she always seemed to have herself well in control even though she was only 3 or 4 when I last saw her --

My honey & I are giving a small party for Carol's first birthday, July 17, & this is our holiday week-end, so it fits in very well. We are having another married couple & their baby over here for the week-end, and 4 other friends for the evening -- this, I think is our first little party since we were hitched! -- I'm afraid it won't be much of a party as we can't even get a bottle of Scotch Whiskey, even in Scotland here -- and even beer is scarce. Ah well we still get our tea ration.

Ah well, Moo & Dusty, I'll let my little honey carry on from here, & add a word or two --

Please give my lovely little nieces, Susan & Janet, a big hug & kiss from their Uncle Dick -- Tons of love to you both,

Your affectionate brother,

Dear Muriel & Dusty:

We received your Photo, & we have written all about it in a previous letter.

Carol is walking and will be one on the 17th. She is such a darling. So glad Sue is well and putting on weight. I'm afraid our garden is as bad as yours. Nothing seems to be half as good as last years crops in England.

Dick has given you all the news, except that there is an epidemic of Small Pox and we are going to be vaccinated tomorrow. Carol (luckily) was done at two months. We will probably be in bed for a week. Well I must close now. Hope you are both well. Love to Janet & a kiss to Baby.

Love Babs