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Date: June 9th 1918
Alma Kate Gale (mother)
Ralph Gale

[written on a German P.O.W. Postcard]

June 9th/18

Dear Mother:-

This has been a very lucky week in regard to letters since last Sunday I have received thirteen so you can be quite sure I am a bit cheered up.

I think Wesley MacNamara was very lucky to get back. “It is better to be born lucky than rich” I have been not been blessed with either I guess.

Emma wrote me Mr Parker’s wife was dead. It is very bad for him after he had got settled.

I hope papa continues to keep well. I am real well.

Lots of Love

Original Scans

Original Scans

German P.O.W. Postcard, back view, Ralph Gale Collection, 1918, WWI German P.O.W. Postcard, front view, Ralph Gale Collection, 1918, WWI