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Date: April 14th 1915
Alma Gale (sister)
Ralph Gale

Mouth of Jemseg
April 14 - 1915

Dear Alma:-

Well Alma I have got a surprise for you I said about a week ago I would join the Mounted rifles now at Amherst if I got a chance and wrote to Rofle Nevers well I got word to-night saying that they needed a few men for the machine gun section and it is my intention to go if I can. Now I know that some of them will say it is foolish for me to go but you know a lot of the Gales have got money from military training and not one is going John, Harry and myself has taken military drill and I can go as well as not, and I think it is only right for one of us to go.

As I am under age I will have to get my parents consent now you know what mamma is like so I want you to write her and persuade her to let me go. As far as earning money is concerned I will earn as much as I am at present and will have a certain amount paid to them home each month. I have not seen the trustees yet but intend to to-morrow you show this letter to John and if he considers it favorably get him to write home too. I have a dandy good school here and am getting along alright there is a lot of fellows I know in the 6th mounted rifles. Fred. Macdonald, Rofle Nevers, Robin Orchard and Freddie Wasson so I hope I wont be friendless if I go do the best you can to please me I know you will look at it in the right light

I have been wanting to go ever since the fellows I knew have gone

Your loving Bro.

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