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Date: November 22nd 1916
Alma Kate Gale (mother)
Jim Gale (Ralph's brother)

Box 243
Nov. 22. 1916

Dear Mamma:-

Your letter of Nov.17. received this week was glad to hear from you. We are all quite well at present.

Had a letter today from the Church in Milwaukee through which I sent the money to Ralph They also sent me Ralph’s receipt to the Archdeacon in Germany through whom the money was sent. It was for 28 marks or $7. you know I sent $5. and this man in Germany drew $2 more from the Living Church fund and made it $7. so you see we are not the only ones doing for him so perhaps it will be nice if Ralph has enough to help some one less fortunate.

Ralph’s receipt was dated Sept. 17. And I have just been looking over the card he sent to you saying he got the money it was dated Sept. 10th so that probably was the money he got from me.

Had a letter from John last week he was well when he wrote, We are having some quite cold weather now had a little snow but it is most all gone again Next Thursday is Thanksgiving we don’t have it as early as you do at home, and do you realize it will soon be Xmas.

How is Emma and family have not heard from them for some time! Is Mack Sharp in Boston this winter or is he staying home. Addie was up Sunday she went back Yesterday, they will be up again Thanksgiving

Tell Harry the evinings are long now he might find time to write a line and let me know what kind of a crop he had this last year.

I would like to be able to go down in your cellar and get some potatoes they are $2.00 a bushel here. and you bet we don’t throw many away. but tell him I am going to keep some hens,  have got a hen house. (as John says on our new Dug Out) John wanted to know how we liked our new Dug out.

Wish you and Papa could spend the winter with us the house is nice and warm all the time but I suppose Papa would miss the stove to sit by. I know I do myself. I am just old fashioned enough to like the stove to sit by Tell Harry Hattie says if he and Bertie take a trip this way we got a good warm room for them and she would write to her as soon as she was Mrs Gale

I guess that will soon be now. Hoping this finds you well I will close for this time.

Love to All.

[written in top margin of first page:]
PS. Wrote to Budd and asked him to come down for Thanksgiving but have not heard from him

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