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Date: November 24th 1916
Alma Kate Gale (mother)
John Gale (Ralph's brother)

Nov. 24/16.

Dear Mother:-

Since I wrote last I have received two letters from you both of which were very welcome. One contained the clippings from the “Standard” about sending parcels to prisoners of war I also received from Minnie the letter that Ralph wrote.

I am sure that you can rest assured that Ralph is being well looked after. I am enclosing you a letter I first received from Mrs Rivers Bulkeley in London, and the receipt for 2 pounds I had sent her, with which to add to Ralph’s parcels.

You asked for my opinion. It is this. I think that the best way for you people to help Ralph is to send money to Mrs. Rivers Bulkeley and ask her to spend it in providing parcels for him. She is of course absolutely honest and being a wealthy woman is giving her entire time to looking after the prisoners. I should say that if you sent her $5 a month that that would more than do, as I am sending that much, the 4th C.M.R. provide some, there is another fund providing some, and Ralph is assigning some of his pay so with them all the boy should live like a prince. If you want to send a parcel now and then send it to Mrs. Bulkeley and ask her to forward it. You may depend that she will do it All your parcels from now on will go to her anyway. The Government as you know is afraid that sending parcels direct would convey some information to the Germans. I hope that you will follow my advice, and please don’t worry because as Mrs. Bulkeley once wrote to me Ralph is now getting sufficient for his needs. Of course it will do him no harm to get a little more than sufficient.

[page missing]
get 10 days leave to England soon. Shall cable when I get there. Have heard from Shaw. He is doing well in a hospital in London He was wounded in the foot and will likely get to Canada on a long sick leave. I should like for you to meet him if he does. I had a very nice letter from his mother the other day. She said she was sending me a parcel. Shaw said he would be on crutches for some time

I am glad Papa had such a good trip to Cody’s etc. The other day I met a young officer from Cody’s named Perry. He knew Alma and Ralph. Knew Alma when she taught school there. He is in 21st Battalion from Ontario.

Harry’s oat crop was good. Sorry that the potatoes were not so good I daresay everything is high in Canada. But everything will come out alright in the end. Everyone in France in the army is very optimistic.

I had a cablegram today. them congratulating me, I suppose it was on my promotion. It was from “The Gale family and Clara.” Thats the way it was signed.

I must close. Shall be writing again soon. Hope this finds you all well.

Love to all.

Friday P.M.

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