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Date: May 12th 1918
Alma Kate Gale (mother)
Ralph Gale

[letterhead of: “Kriegsgefangenenlager II (Rennbahn) Munster (Westfalen)”]

May 12th/18

Dear Mother:-

This is the second Sunday in the month and as usual I am writing a letter. It is difficult to find anything to write The only time I can write a letter here is after I have received a few

I suppose the boat will soon be on the Lake again I know how glad we always were when the boat started

You said in your last letter Charlie Smith had started driving driving the girls around “Good for Charlie” I always thought Charlie and Ellis were real women haters but time has proved different It has been so long since I have spoken to a girl let alone keep their company I shall be frightened of them when I go back.

I have never seen anything of Clarence Wasson I did not know he was a prisoner until Emma wrote to me. Harry has taken to lumbering again Emma said in her letter he does not seem to be contented doing nothing

I am getting to be quite an efficient cook now. I wish you could [test?] some of the dishes we make from our parcels but I shall give you the recipe when I return.

I was very much surprised at the excellent writing of Harry Farris. He is a fine writer for a boy I am very hard up for news, if, I had just received a number of letters I could have thought of more I hope to hear from you very soon

Lots of love to all

Original Scans

Original Scans

WWI letter from German P.O.W. Camp Munster II (Rennbahn) Westfalen, Pte. Ralph Gale Collection, 1918