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Date: February 10th 1918
Harold Dean

German East
February 10/18

Dear Mother:-

Four more parcels and seven more letters have arrived and we are having a late Xmas here on our own. I don’t know how it happened but parcels seem to be all coming this year O.K. One letter from you Oct 10, Nov 1st Nov 9 and two from Mary Nov 14th and 21st in which you had enclosed notes. I also had one from Clara under date of Oct 29 all of which contained good news except for the causalty lists.

The parcels were all in good condition and all contained sox, one was from Aunt Dell and family one from home, One from Ruth and one from Mrs Johnston. One feauture I noticed new was the lump sugar which I was surprised to see although glad. The cake etc was all good as well as most of the nut bars, the bottle of Jam caused some little debate among us as to what it was made of but we finally decided on blueberry. It was good at any rate whatever it was.

The weather down here is still warm and the rains have let up this past few weeks but I suppose they will be back in real earnest in a week or so. I didn’t expect Miller would get back home to Mission so soon he must have been bad after he left this country. I knew him coming out here on the boat but have not seen him since we landed hardly as he was in the base workshops all the time. A whole lot of the Canadian boys here have transferred to the flying corps to go Egypt way so there are not so many of us left now. There does not seem to be any hope of leave looming up but we still wait for some sign.

Well mother dear thank everyone for their kindnesses in the forms of parcels and letters for me and I am writing to them as well.

Hoping you are all well at home I say Bye Bye with lots of love to friends and relatives I am

Your loving son

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