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Date: May 11th 1918
Harold Dean

2nd Southern General Hospital
Southmead Section
May 11th 1918

Dear Mother:-

Here we are again and a new address. Oh yes I have moved several thousand miles since I last wrote and I am still lucky as I did not have to swim across. We had a very fair trip up from the South, on the same boat we came from Durban to Cape Town on , the one I sent a picture of, not very rough weather and not too hot crossing the equator.

Our last days at Cape Town were very pleasant and we made some acquaintances, very nice people indeed. We had Sunday afternoon tea and dinner with a lady and gentleman and were made right at home. The man was very good on the piano and they entertained us just as if we had known them for years. That was the day before we left so it put a feeling in our hearts as if we would like to stay in S.A. another month or so although I am glad to be back north of the equator again, even if we do have to wear clothes enough for a prairie winter.

I dont suppose I will get any mail now for a month or so as I have had none for about ten weeks (I guess I left G.E.A more than six weeks ago) it will make another big gap in the correspondence from home. The mail written from Dec to now will no doubt tour the world before I get it. There is a Canadian mail in now as the boys here that have been in France got mail today and yesterday. I dont suppose I will be here more than a week but they will forward my mail from here. They will keep me in hospital here about a month or so to see how the climate affects us, but it will be some other hospital.

Well Mother I had better close for now but I will write again in a few days and try and keep you posted on my moves. I hope you are all well at home as I am If you are youre OK. Well Bye Bye with lots of love from

Your loving son

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