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Date: June 2nd 1918
Harold Dean

June 2nd 1918

Dear Mother:-

Another week has flown by and I am still here at the depot, having heard nothing whatever of being sent out on service. A few boys leave every day or so for a home service company but my turn has not come yet. We are well fixed up here though and a week or so wont do any harm.

I had a letter from Roy on Friday, a reply to one I wrote him from Bristol Hospital. He said he was well fixed over in France and feeling good. He sent Rollie’s address at Seaford and so I am only about an hour’s journey away I am going to try and get down this week to see him. I wrote Rollie Friday night letting him know where I was as he might possibly be in London for a day or so and as you perhaps know I am only a few miles from the center of the “big village.”

I am looking forward to meeting Rollie as he will know some home news that will be fresh for me even as far back as Christmas. I havent seen any of the home boys since I came back here to England but if I get away for a day or so I will take in a Canadian Camp or two and try and get acquainted again. There are no doubt lots of boys I know within a few miles of here but I may as well be in Vancouver and have them in Montreal.

I dont know what I will do with my camera yet but if it comes home one of these days dont be surprised as they are strict on them over here and films etc are very hard to get. If I see Rollie I may get him to put it in his trunk and leave it there.

I never told you before but if at any time I happen to get leave and wire home for $100 or so send it along as things are quite a price here and a few days or two weeks leave costs quite a bit. Take it out of my a/c if I have one. By the way how much money have you got out of my allotment. I dont ever remember you mentioning any for a long time. I must have sent home a couple of hundred anyway through this war office allotment of 3 shillings per day (about 72 cents) The allotment has been going on for two years and 3 or 4 mos now. Some of the boys draw all their money here while in England but I didn’t change mine as I may not need it and if I do I can wire I got about $75 coming to me here but it is difficult to draw it while at a depot.

Well Mother I think I will close this note as I have run out of “hot air” as some call it. I was to Church of England this a.m. but tonight as you see I am doing missionary work for the folks at home. Well Bye-Bye with lots of love to all and remember me to all my friends.

Your loving Son

You see it costs me an extra halfpenny now for stamps as taxes gone up today

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