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Date: June 23rd 1918
Harold Dean

June 23/18

Dear Mother:-

Just a line to let you know I am still at the Depot with the same old routine. The weeks certainly do slip by here. I can hardly realize it has been six weeks since we landed here in England. This past week I have had no mail at all, I don’t know what can have happened to the mail from home as it should have got here before this.

Things seem to be awful dull around here now, unless a fellow takes in a picture show or some other amusement of that kind, he has to go to bed and while away the hours by sleeping. The soldiers clubs, Y.M.C.A’s etc offers some good amusements, concerts, dances and other forms of pleasure at very reasonable prices, when they do charge anything. These clubs also run a sort of short order restaurant service where we get a decent meal or a light lunch as required. The work is all done by volunteer ladies and the home cooked food tastes pretty good. Some of these clubs are open to “men and women of H.M. Forces” and we see the “W.A.A.C’s” of the army and the “W.R.N.S” of the navy all mixed up with soldiers and sailors. Oh its quite a wonderful army and navy when you see some of them. The “W.A.A.C’s” do the cooking and dish washing etc. in all the camps around the country. It does away with a large staff of men at any rate. I may add that it is wonderful the amount of work the women do in this country, some of it heavy work too.

Have not heard from Rollie or Roy this week and as I could not get to see Rollie this week end I will have to postpone it for another week. It seems rotten to be so close and not be able to go over.

Well Mother I have nothing else to say. It seems a harder job each week to find any thing at all to write about unless it is the weather and that changes often enough here.

Will close now with lots of love to all my relatives (I was wondering the other day if there had been another increase this spring) Bye Bye

Your loving son

Harolds address
No 4 Coy 17 Billet
Upper Norwood
Near London

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