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Date: July 14th 1918
Harold Dean

July 14 1918

Dear Mother:

Another Sunday is here and it seems a lucky one as I received a letter from you mailed June 18th, the first one I have received since last February. I got letters dated in November and then this one in June so I have missed six months mail.

According to your letter you have sent some to England before this one also you mentioned a parcel but I have not rec’d those yet.

Well I met Rollie in London yesterday and spent the afternoon with him, the first home boy I have met since my return. We had lunch together and went to a show then walked around awhile and had tea together. My he looks good. Nice and brown in the face from the outdoor life but bigger and fatter than ever I think. He asked me if I heard from home and I said “no.” He said he heard from his mother I was in England so I thought it was time I had a letter.

You mentioned of Frank being in England. Rollie told me yesterday he was down at their camp but he had not seen him. I sent word for Frank to write me as I dont know his number or battalion. I expect he will send a note along in a week or so. I must try and get down to Seaford and see some boys from home.

I am glad to hear everything is going on O.K. at home, that Dad is still working at the shipyards. He must have done fairly well on that job, or did he lose some time last winter?

I can hardly imagine Mary nursing a sick family she was so nervous about anything in that line. She must be quite a young lady now as she is twenty this month. And Charlotte also must be quite grown up. I guess I won’t know my own relatives when I get back.

Well Mother I dont know of much more to write so I will close for this week. I send some Post Cards last letter, hope you got them O.K. Give one to Grandma and any one else you think needs one. Of course I will look after Ruth and any other of my pals I think needs one.

Well Mother I will say Good Night with heaps of love to all friends and relatives

Your loving son

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