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Date: August 17th 1918
Harold Dean

Altd A Battery 
A. A. Res. Brigade
Isle Wight
Aug 17/18

Dear Mother:

Another Saturday has come to light and the fine weather is still unbroken. I have not seen any rain for ten days now and that is pretty good weather for England this summer. I have had plenty of mail this past week in fact I have to scratch my head to think just what I have rec’d since I last wrote you. I rec’d two letters from you of July 7th and 15th and one from Clara two bundles of papers and two parcels. The parcel containing the strawberries was bust up a bit one or two days before I got it. The juice had run out but the berries were in good condition. Better not send any more Jam. The other parcel contained sox, candy and small cakes with nuts and fruit in them. I couldn’t tell whether the second one was from home or not as it had been readdressed. I dont think mother you had better send cake etc while I am in England and such things as cocoa and milk I do not need either. The chocolate and sugar and chewing gum is alright but the other eats I can get plenty of while in England. They Wesleyan Church, where I am now, sells tea and cakes at very cheap prices and there are other soldiers clubs here that sells food given by ladies of the different churches such as the Church of Eng Club and the Pres. Club. We are welcomed at any of these places. Chocolate is scarce in Eng. The same as sugar but I dont eat near as much of either as I used to. I take after you on the tea question as I do not use sugar. I left off the sweetening when it was scarce and now I do not miss it.

I like the place here and the country drives are fine especially now at harvest time. The work is not hard and the hours are short so I have no kick coming. We have a good bunch of A. S. C boys here (about fifteen) though I am the only Canadian. I call in to see the Oxen bury people every couple of days. The girl told me today Cecil had married here in England. Fred is in France with the Can Engineers.

I have not heard from Frank yet nor Rollie or Ray lately. I will drop them a line today if I get time. I am keeping up correspondence with one or two Canadian boys here so I write several letters each week. Some nights I am out with the car so do not get a chance to write every day in the week.

Well Mother I had better close for this time with lots of love to all the family, relatives and friends

Your Loving son

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