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Date: September 1st 1918
Harold Dean

I of W.
Sept 1st ‘18

Dear Mother:-

This is Sunday and no mail has arrived this week. We get one delivery here on Sunday- in the morning, and no letters showed up with that so I will have to wait till tomorrow morning anyway. I suppose the strike at home is due cause of the delay as the letters have been coming each week. As there are no other Canadians here I cannot tell whether there is a Canadian mail in or not.

I wrote to Aunt Annie Knipe one night this last week. I guess it will be an awful shock to her poor old nerves but it has gone any way. I was looking over a list I have of different addresses and I happened to notice hers and remembering she had written me once while I was in the East I thought I had better drop her a line. I suppose I should have sent one of those pictures I had taken but I did not think of it at the time. I really did not have any thing much to write her about but told her of getting back to England via South Africa and of visiting in Scotland for a few days.

As I was looking over one of your late letters I noticed the bit of Mary’s birthday and the request to send her my camera. I would have sent it Mother some time ago but I thought it was risky and the Customs might bother you with a lot of questions about when it came, into and went out of Canada before. You see it is an American make and mailed from England so its rather akward. I may send it yet though so tell Mary not to be downhearted or call me bad names.

Things are just the same here although they are quite active across the channel. The weather is fair although the wind is a bit chilly today. The sun is shining bright though and that makes every thing around look pretty altho my hands have not been warm today

Well Mother dear I had better close for now with heaps of love to all

From Your loving son

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