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Date: 1918

Ward J I
[letterhead of: “No. 15, Canadian General Hospital
(Duchess of Connaught Canadian Red Cross),
Taplow, Bucks.
Telephone: Burnham, 7.”]

Dear Dad

I guess by now you will have had the cables and know Im not very badly hit. I told Mrs Armitage to cable again you see so that it would fill in the space till a letter got to you. I got a letter from Gladys here because it happened to be sent through the Army post Office so probably it would be best to put that always. I have had no word from Cecil and I wrote three weeks ago. I dont know what’s up. Probably he’s got a good one like I did. Well, they arent going to take the lead out of my back. I saw the plate of it and its just under the muscle of my back in a place that doesnt hurt anything but would take quite a lot of cutting to get out. I heard from Vradenburg he’s in Bristol and getting along fine. He was hit with me, in the legs. Have got letters from Roy Coulter and a lot of the fellows in Wittey. I am anxious to hear from the boys in the battery. I hate to think of them getting it. I hope you arent worrying because there is no need to at all. I am having lots of sport in the town of Maidenhead. Boating quite a lot and getting cigarettes handed to me. This blue suit and red tie comes in for lots of charity. I can tell the inquisitive ladies where Im hit too, not like some of the boys here. Mrs. Armitage writes nearly every day. Shes in Yorkshire so I told her not to come away down here as Im O.K. and will get leave in about two weeks. She has lent me a pound to go on with and has cabled twice for me so I’ll give it to her when I go on leave. Well, how is everything over there anyway Dad. I guess the little girls will be regular young ladies now eh. Well I must stop for now. Dont you people worry about me. If you have to worry about something think of the fellows who weren’t lucky enough to get a good one like me.

Cheer up and write often
Loving son

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Original Scans