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Date: June 3rd 1915
Miss Shand
Lena A. Davis

London: June 3rd.

My dear Miss Shand:

Well I have spent one week in London and have enjoyed it very much. To-morrow at 6.30 A.M. I leave for France. To what part I do not know. Only fourteen of us are going. The rest of the crowd are being Scattered throughout England. They promise us that we will all be gathered again in two months in one hospital. I hope so.

Dr Williams came to see me on Saturday. I suppose you know by this time that he is Lieut Williams and is in the R.A.M.C. He said he never expected to see Toronto again. He seems to think it is a very dangerous place he is going to. Miss Tuckett landed three days ago and is also in London. She has just gone away from calling on me. She said they “killed a sub marine” on the way over. Was down to Hampton Court yesterday. I never expect to see anything again so impressive. I saw the grape vine. They had just finished cutting a great many bunches of green grapes from it. As we were walking through the grounds one of the nurses said no wonder Henry was able to get six wives. We were too late to get home for dinner so we went across the bridge and had dinner on the balcony of a hotel over looking the Thames. On Monday I took in Madame Tussauds. In the chambers of Horrors I collected enough material to provide me with night mares for the rest of my natural life. Have also been to the Tate and National Galleries, St Pauls, Westminster, House of Lords. St Thomas’ Hospital. British Museum. I saw Peg of my Heart at The Daily Theater. Loretti Taylor played leading part and I enjoyed it very much. Was also at His Majesty’s Theatre and The Globe. I enjoyed the shops. I think Liberty’s is a dream. We had ices one day in Fuller’s on Regent St just across from Peter [Rakinson’s?].  I just [?] to buy a whole trunk full of things to bring home.

Tell Mrs Clare not to be too cross about that card I sent her. After I sent it, I thought it was an awful one to send. I think the buses here are the funniest things I ever saw. They look like motors rigged up for a circus parade. Every time I go up and down those spiral stairs with the thing going like mad I am thankful I am insured. The hotel is very nice indeed. The meals are excellent. Only is it not funny about the tea? The first day at lunch I said I would like some tea and it was put down against the room. I think the 4 oclock tea they serve very delicious. I have not heard one word from home yet. I am sure there must be a letter some where for me. Miss Clarke has not heard either. She is going to France too. I would give any thing for some letters and the Mail & Empire or Globe. I thought London People would be used to the sight of nurses in uniform but ours is so different (and so much nicer) than the English nurse that people simply stare. We have been taken for Policewoman, Suffrigetts, Red Cross nurses and a few more things I can’t think of


Lena Alva Davis
Nursing Sister.
c/o Matron in Chief MacDonald.
36 Victoria St.
London. South West.

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