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Date: November 18th 1915
Miss Shand
Lena A. Davis

Merry xmas

P. & O.S.N. Co

Valletta, Malta,
Nov 18th,

Dear Miss Shand.-

As you can see we are once again on board ship. We are on board S.S. [?] which is now used as a hospital ship. We came on board yesterday at 4 p.m. but do not sail until to-morrow some time. I do not know what the delay is. We have been eleven days on the island of Malta stattered around at the different hospital I was at St Davids hospital with six other Toronto Sisters. The camp was nothing but rock and sand- not a tree in sight scarcely. The hospital was composed entirely of tents but the sisters quarters were in some building formerly used as Barricks in peace times. Three of us were in a little apartement used as married quarters before it was a hospital. Perhaps you better not call off the bet for a while yet. It was an awfully cosy little apartement!

One afternoon we took the train out to a little town which took us one half hour by steam road. The main thing of interest there were the catacombs. I dare say you have read of them. They were certainly wonderfull places for being underground. We also visited the “Chapel of Bones” This interesting place had its altar composed of human bones, belonging to Maltese soldiers killed by Turks three hundred years ago. They were genuine as we were near enough to touch them if we wished. We ended up the afternoon by dining at the “Swellest” hotel Valletta afforded. We expect that we are now on our away to really join our unit. I don’t think I am supposed to say where we are going but I will write as soon as we land. I am longing for some mail. It will be five weeks next Monday since I have had mail of any kind. But if it has all gone to 86 Strand I am bound to get it some time. We are going to be allowed to go on shore to-day so right afternoon we are going and need not be back before 7 p.m. 

Love to Mrs. Clare Miss Mac and Miss Coombs.
L. A. Davis.

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