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Date: January 18th 1916
Miss Shand, Mrs. Clare and Miss Mac
Lena A. Davis

No 4 Canadian General Hospital.
Jan 18.

Dear Miss Shand, Mrs. Clare & Miss Mac. -

Major Mac Vicar gave to me my two parcels which arrived enclosed in his. The candies were just as fresh as if you had just lifted them from the platter, and so daintily packed. The two wee ones made by “The Clare Bros” were a different flavor from the others. I am sure Harvey and Jim will put “Huylers” in the shade as their business progresses. The calendar certainly contains original and cheery verses and is now hanging on my tent wall. Thank you all so much. I too wish that next christmas I may be helping you make candy at 999 Queen West. We had official information about a week ago that one hundred and sixty bags of incoming mail had been destroyed by fire so of course thought that our Queen St parcel was in the ill-fated boat. Our weather just now is cold and bright but a few days ago we had snow, rain and high winds. To be in the tents almost made one sea sick. You could almost imagine you were on a wild heaving ocean. I was thankful the wind had no affect on the ground or we should surely all have had “Mal de Mer”. We are nearly all suffering with chilblains. While they may not prove Fatal, still they are most trying on ones temper. You have probably read in the papers before now of a couple of very unwelcome visits we have received from our friends (?) of the air. This “war game” is being carried too far when circumstances make it necessary for one to lower one’s dignity so far as to take refuge under a bed; especially when the floor under the bed is just plain common dirt. I was no exception. Others - more dignified than I by far - crawled from far less respectable places than under a bed. - Some such places being mud ovens, water tanks – etc. I received xmas greeting cards from Both Mrs. Forster and Mrs. Fenill just a few days ago, also a letter from Miss Coombs which I will answer soon. The nurses are being allowed to go to Salonika occassionly now. My turn comes next week I think. After I have been in I will write you all about it.

Will close now with many thanks again for your kindness.
Lena A. Davis.

If you receive no more letters from me you will know the Sultan of Turkey has seen me while in town.

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