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Date: April 22nd 1916
Miss Shand
Lena A. Davis

April 22.

Dear Miss Shand-

Just in case you are not keeping up with your french, I am sending you this little french newspaper which is printed in Salonika which seems to be a most cosmopolitan city as several languages are spoken there. I do enjoy your letters in fact all the letters that come from Queen St, only it seems a long, long time between some of them, but when they do come they are lovely long ones. My sister told me all about the tea in Miss Clares, I could just picture it. It is scorching hot to-day. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday but it will not remind us much of that day last year. Mr William received an additional stripe the other day. He seems to be making awfully good here. Tell Miss Coomb, Capt Sparks was asking after her last night. I sent to London for a few things I needed and among them note paper and this is what they sent me. nice paper is it not?

Love to all
Lena A. Davis.

Si vous voyez Madame Bivert, lui dites s’il vous plait. que je me parlé bien.

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Original Scans