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Date: August 19th 1915
Beulah Bahnsen (wife)
Ralph Watson

(Noon) 19 August, ’15.

Still no orders about the transfers. Worked up at clinic. More patients by about a dozen than we could possibly attend to. Very lovely morning. Got further details about the Zepp. raid of last night. All reports forget to state that a fleet of Zeppelins reached London and made a regular killing. Bad news has been suppressed, but men are coming in all the time today who went yesterday up to see the damage done. It was pretty bad, whole streets being torn up.

Why the deuce they fail to find this camp, beats me altogether. There are today fifty thousand men — soldiers — camped in a few square miles here, yet all the silly fools can do is to drop bombs on towns and kill civilians. I won’t believe they don’t know, almost to a man, just how many are here and where we are. Yet they never come. . . .

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Original Scans