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Date: June 18th 1916
Beulah Bahnsen (wife)
Ralph Watson

Sunday Afternoon, 18 June, ’16.

My dear Lal, —

I suppose I don’t have to tell you to make you understand what’s doing; your newspapers are telling you daily. . . .  You know ten times more about this, the third battle of Ypres, than I do; true I have heard a hundred first-hand stories, but by men who are not exactly out on observation tours, men who have been chiefly concerned in keeping alive. One sidelight — I have heard it estimated that Fritz put over in six hours roughly £100,000 — $500,000.00—worth of shells. I dunno’, of course how accurate, or non-accurate, that is; but I don’t imagine it can be far out.

Nothing now matters but care of the wounded. Night is the same as day for most of us; yet there is no extra fuss or bother, only a patient, instead of staying here awhile, is evacuated to England almost right away. Maybe he spends a night or two, not more.

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