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Date: February 14th 1915

Feb. 14th, 1915.

H.M.T. -----

After a very rough passage here we are safe in -----. We left on Wednesday night and sailed after some delay. Our party did not lose a single horse, although some of the others did, one being washed right overboard. They were down on the decks in piles of about six or seven at a time with harness on. Two had broken legs and two died of exposure. The seas came right over and some of us got soaked in trying to get the horses up on their feet. One of our officer, ------ got a rib broken when a wave smashed a horse shed and pinned him under it against a hatch. You do not know him I think. I am fine, and all are cheery. We expect to land soon now. The lights of the harbour are twinkling through the port hole.