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Date: February 23rd 1916

Feb. 23rd, 1916.

We had a splendid rest and are back in the trenches again, and it's getting real wintry. We've had snow the last two days and quite cold but I dont think it will last long. I had a walk out behind this afternoon and it was fine to hear the snow crunch underfoot. But I miss the old nag. Every day in billets I had a ride and now we just sit all day, eat, and go to sleep. There have'nt been any men hit this tour, and just a few with sore feet so I've been reading "Life" and the newspapers with anatomy on the side. Ed Jeffrey of my year and Dr. Woods who examined me for life insurance were up to see us today. The latter says I'm fatter than when he last saw me in Toronto at the barracks. I really believe him too.

We relieved Jack Symons bunch the other day and I had quite a chat with him.

I left off here yesterday to go for a walk so it's now the 24th.

Yesterday a flock of geese flew low over the trenches. Every one had a pot at them and two dropped behind the German lines. Later they came back again in two arrows but were too high. Today seven snow white German planes came back over us from a raid behind our lines I expect They went like the wind with shells bursting all around them and one of our planes in chase.

On Sunday two planes dropped bombs on Walmer and you bet I felt somewhat worried until I got Hope's letter. The paper said two men and a boy killed, but I could only hope it was correct until I got her letter.

It's a peach of a spring day and the snow is melting. I went down at dawn to see that my end of the trench work is O.K., water, sanitation and gas protection. One can get in and out now by day without having to duck and run.

Parcels 15 and 16 arrived O.K. and are fine. "Burghers" came one day and went the next, so you see they are popular. The Globe, Sunday World and McLeans get here alright, generally in bunches. so with them and Bystander we get lots to read. Hope sends the latter. You ought to get it if only for the war pictures. The one this week if fine, of the man in the telephone dug-out. Also read Blanche'S reply to the editor of the "Growler". I sent you our paper "The Growler" and hope it gets home alright. I must send one to Gordon. Neub is around here but I have'nt seen him yet. He may be down here one of these evenings as they are behind us. Did I tell you I had seen Lyman Gooderham back in billets?